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again, again, again

Still I tremble 

Still I quake 

Still my dungeon

Still She shakes

And so it goes 

My unshakeable faith

Tested, tested

Again and again


It ebbs and then it flows

The tides, and so they roll

It is your pull 

Your pull alone

It is your pull

I will follow

As I’m tested, tested

Again, and again


So the tremble

May it ease 

And the quake 

May it too cease 

Harmony is soon restored 

As you passage

Through my core  

And all I am 

All I do

All I feel

It is all for you


Use me
I am available


Praying it leads me home to you

May I stay close to you 

I vow, I pledge, I promise 

To always stay close 

To you 


When the road grows weary

And my faith begins to fray 

May you weave your arms around me 

So I may never go astray 

Even when 

I’m tested, tested

Again and again

When the cloak of darkness 

Denies my way to you 

May your holy light 

Obscured from view 

May it illuminate 

Through and through 

And deliver me

Return me 

To you

Perhaps I will always tremble

Perhaps I will always quake 

Though glory rests assured 

These doubts rest in your wake 


May my shell be empty 

May my bones hollow

May my heart be ready 

For your spirit to follow 


Use me 

I am available 


It is because I trembled 

It is because I quaked 

It is because I questioned

That now I stand 



And no,

You will never leave me

It is I who must remain

As loyal and devoted 

To return to you 

Again, again, again 

lockdown love letter

I admire dancers
Their freedom
Range, and limbs

I envy painters
Their brushstrokes
And their grit

Without oils
And only ink
I pray these words
Will help you drink
From the depths
Of my love
For you

May these words
Glide gently through
The canals
Of your Spirit
And flow freely
To the sea
Of your Soul

Where the canvas
Has no edges
And the colours
Never fade

Where our muscles
Never tire
As we waltz
Through Love’s parade

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