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I am honoured to offer private sessions in the Northern Rivers of Byron Bay. 

Please get in touch for more information and to reserve a spot!

I look forward to connecting together with you.


"You're so gifted.
So grateful for that session, what an amazing result.

I felt so much safer in my body,"

- Dena

"Moshe took me through a deep healing process,
in which I cleared pain I had held in my neck for over 5 years.
The relief was immense and I literally feel like I have a new neck.
Moshe holds such a potent and caring space
that I was truly able to let go,
feel my pain, and allow it to release.

He also holds you in the remembering
that you are your own greatest healer.

So grateful for you Moshe. Thank you."

- Georgie

"Moshe's touch is like no other.
I received an intuitive bodywork session with him
and his hands are so strong and deeply healing.
He really helped to release so much tension
in my upper body, shoulders, and heart space.
His bodywork is a healing experience,
using mantra and voice to assist the healing.

I have also received a reiki healing from him
which removed blockages around my sacral
and enabled me to reconnect with my creativity.
His presence and ability to listen is a gift.

Couldn't recommend a session with Moshe enough.

His bodywork is so needed to be experienced by all!"

- Melody 

I wanted to thank you for this beautiful experience.
My heart is feeling a deep calmness now. 
You created a safe space for me where I felt held.
You really touched me with your gentle presence. 

Thank you for shining your light,
showing your authenticity and inspiring people.

- Elisabeth 

I reached out to Moshe while feeling lots of stress
that manifested through my whole body. 

I was in need of a soft gentle touch.
The session with Moshe was much more than that.
Not only I felt nurtured and seen by him,
but his energy was absolutely healing and loving.

I felt safe to release emotions that were stuck in my body,
and surrender completely during the session,
while Moshe gently helped me drop into this magical space. 

I left feeling uplifted and light.

- Shira

So much more than bodywork... a journey back home, to Self.
Moshe helped me put words to an experience I couldn't describe 

and then focused the session on reuniting with innocence.

Trust and safety were created so beautifully,
and his touch and considerate positioning of body parts
made me open up rather than close down.
I felt safe and I felt held.

It's what's been missing in my life
and this session let me feel all that I needed.
- Leo

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